Where Students Come First


Welcome to another musical season! Hope everyone is well and ready to take on an unprecedented, challenging, yet rewarding year!

The realities of living with the pandemic are present in every aspect of our lives. In our teaching, we have had to dig in deep, learn to adjust to the frustrations of reaching remotely, and yet learn and grow to make it successful. Our students, in turn, have shown wonderful adaptability and strength which keeps us energized and determined to push ahead.

This year, we are offering all our events on line via Zoom: the member events, students recitals, Winter Festival, the Virtuoso and the Rising pianists competitions. We are also working on organizing master classes in the spring. One advantage of holding events online is that we do not need to worry about bad weather, and we can enlist judges and clinicians from any location!

I hope you will take advantage of many of our events. Let's participate and stay connected. We can give so much to each other. The music must go on!

Wishing you a wonderful year,

Sima Brodsky,
and the HMAT board